With the IT Industry Booming, More Look Into Making the Switch

With the information technology industry still growing at an astounding pace, job opportunities within it are multiplying. Today, IT is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in many countries, and even in those where growth rates lag the average, it is still among the most attractive to many job seekers. Given these facts, more and more people have been looking for ways into the industry, whether early-career candidates or those looking to make changes to established careers.

That is not always as easy as these job seekers might hope, however. Employers have become increasingly selective in many countries with their IT candidates, asking for more in the way of demonstrated qualification than they might have only a few years ago. Because of this, a number of organizations have recently begun offering a wide range of certifications that are designed to help entry-level IT job seekers demonstrate their skills in reliable, recognizable ways.


Long known for the group’s A+ certification, CompTIA has been one of the most prominent of these. The company’s recently inaugurated¬†comptia strata it fundamentals all-in-one exam guide has been designed to help entry-level IT job candidates prove to potential employers that they have what it takes for the work on offer.

The comptia strata tests fundamental computer skills, focusing on the kinds of hardware awareness and software facility that low-level IT workers will invariably be expected to have. Despite the entry-level nature of the certification, though, it does involve a fair bit of complexity, something that has been demonstrated when even apparently computer savvy candidates have failed the exam on their initial attempts.

Because of this, there is also a growing industry of preparation aids and courses that are meant to help test takers improve their odds. Simplilearn, for example, has recently unveiled a comptia strata preparation course that is every bit as detailed and involved as the rest of the company’s test preparation offerings.

That is good news, then, for those who are looking to find their own ways into the IT industry with all its potential for career growth. Even a relatively low-level certification like the Strata can eventually prove to be a key part of a long career in the industry, because it will help candidates gain access to the job roles where they can learn more and improve their skills. In fact, most expect that such certifications will become more and more of a requirement for any level of IT work in the future, meaning that those who acquire them now are not likely to regret it.

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